5 Ways Being More ‘Toddler’ Will Improve Your Mental Wellness

Toddlers -little balls of energy! Certainly spirited at times… well, Miss EEE certainly is. The first steps of ‘toddler’ stage have been quite often exhausting for us as parents. We have spent a lot of time trying to negotiate with our little girl, navigating tantrums that I thought would be reserved for the ‘terrible twos’ and taking it in turns to settle her through yet another sleep regression. Quite often I hear myself saying this stage has been a ‘challenge’. Today I thought I would try and draw some positives from our current situation and have a think about what I can learn from Miss EEE. Yes, she’s a little firecracker at times, but she certainly has a zest for life that I would like to get a bit more of for myself. Read on for 5 top tips on how being ‘more toddler’ could improve your mental wellness.

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Want Guilt Free Self Care? Read this Mama.

‘Mum guilt’ – the struggle is real! I was recently asked by a supporter of Mamas Mind Menu to post on ideas for guilt free self care. This mum feels guilty when she tries to do anything self care related beyond keeping her water intake up and washing her hair a few times a week. I can totally relate. On Monday night I was feeling low. About to start another working week with lots of time away from my baby girl, the ‘mum guilt’ was winning. By bedtime, despite avoiding screen time and alcohol and doing all the right things, I wasn’t feeling relaxed at all. I needed a self care pick me up with instant gratification that was both quick and guilt free. This got me thinking about how we can enjoy guilt free Mama self care with minimum effort and maximum impact. Here’s my conclusions… Continue reading “Want Guilt Free Self Care? Read this Mama.”

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