Recipe – Grown Up Teddy Bear’s Picnic Cauliflower Salad

The trusty Cauliflower has had a bit of a comeback in the past few years and it’s got a fresh new look. Gone are the days of over boiled mush. It’s time for it to shine with all it’s nutritional wonder. Packed with a nutrient called ‘Choline’, essential for brain development, Cauliflower has super powers! What’s more, some studies have linked it to neural and cognitive development during the prenatal period. Move over Kale… there’s an OLD kid in town. 😉 Add to this some Pomegranate seeds, which are very rich in antioxidants, reduce inflammation (and some believe stress). What have you got? A nutritional wonder Salad! Before Autumn sets in, make the most of the last rays of summer and try this very grown up Cauliflower Salad for your next Teddy Bear’s Picnic. It got the thumbs up from Paddington Bear round ours! Continue reading “Recipe – Grown Up Teddy Bear’s Picnic Cauliflower Salad”

Recipe – Summer on a Plate Panzanella

Perfect for picnics or as a take along for a summer barbecue, this Panzanella brings joy to anyone I serve it to. Packed with fresh and simple ingredients, it brings a taste of summer to any occasion. Continue reading “Recipe – Summer on a Plate Panzanella”

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