Recipe – Autumnal Roast Chicken Soup

It’s official… making soup is good for the soul. This Autumnal Roast Chicken Soup is a great big hug in a mug and a cost effective way to use up your leftovers. A Sunday Roast has become a family ritual in the Earwicker home. I love it for 2 main reasons:

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Recipe – Summer on a Plate Panzanella

Perfect for picnics or as a take along for a summer barbecue, this Panzanella brings joy to anyone I serve it to. Packed with fresh and simple ingredients, it brings a taste of summer to any occasion. Continue reading “Recipe – Summer on a Plate Panzanella”

Recipe – Happy Rainbow Veg Pasta Sauce

This Rainbow Veg Pasta Sauce is super easy and will leave you glowing with satisfaction. It’s great with whole grain pasta for a slow release of energy. A family pleaser that babies will love just as much as you.

This Rainbow Veg Pasta Sauce will leave you glowing with smugness that: 1) you’ve created something uber scrummy from scratch that was easy peasy and 2) have delivered your Mama mind a good old dose of virtuous colourful veg towards your five a day while you were at it. Links have been found between a diet high in veg and lower levels of depression and anxiety symptoms. So what are you waiting for! Continue reading “Recipe – Happy Rainbow Veg Pasta Sauce”

Recipe – Zesty Chicken Stir Fry

This Zesty Chicken Stir Fry is a joy to make at the end of a long working day. It’s quick and easy and will set your senses alight with sizzling aromas which will transport you far away from the everyday Mama life. It’s a great makeover of some very humble leftovers too. It delivers on every level.

Are you looking for a midweek meal that really packs a punch in the flavour stakes? This Zesty Chicken Stir Fry recipe delivers every time. It’s a joy to make as the sizzling aromas will transport you to somewhere far away from everyday Mama life. Continue reading “Recipe – Zesty Chicken Stir Fry”

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