Yesterday I Cried At Work

Yesterday life got on top of me. Yesterday I cried at work. And you know what happened when I cried at work? Nothing. Nothing bad actually happened. No one laughed, no one commented, no one gave me a disapproving look. I spent so much energy trying to hold it all together because of some irrational fear of the consequences if I fell apart, but, when I did fall apart, I was handed a tissue by my lovely manager and that was it. She told me she understood and that was it. Nothing else happened. I wonder how many other Mamas have been in a similar situation when they’ve returned to work? I bet some of you can relate?

But why do we feel like emotions are unprofessional?

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Recipe – Summer on a Plate Panzanella

Perfect for picnics or as a take along for a summer barbecue, this Panzanella brings joy to anyone I serve it to. Packed with fresh and simple ingredients, it brings a taste of summer to any occasion. Continue reading “Recipe – Summer on a Plate Panzanella”

3 Top Tips To Remind Yourself You Are Bigger Than Your Anxiety

If you have a mental health condition like Anxiety, it can sometimes take over. Some days I feel like a big rain cloud is over my head and it’s hard to see the sunshine inside me. It’s important to remind yourself that you are more than your condition and therefore BIGGER than your Anxiety. The sun will shine through again!

Anxiety is not who I am. It is a condition that I manage (some days more successfully than others) but I do find it easy to forget this sometimes. When you are feeling like you need a reminder that you are bigger than your anxiety try the following tips. Continue reading “3 Top Tips To Remind Yourself You Are Bigger Than Your Anxiety”

5 Senses: 1 Food Joy – Sharing Pancakes on the Dance Floor

Take 5 Mama! Put your feet up, grab a cuppa and lose yourself in the second of the 5 Senses: 1 Food Joy series. This week we are hitting the dance floor and sharing a pancake in-between throwing some mad shapes!

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Recipe – Calming Kale & Blissful Beetroot Salad

This yummy Kale and Beetroot Salad is fresh and full of flavour. If I ever want to clear and calm my Mama mind, I take to the kitchen to prepare this. There’s something very meditative about de-stemming and massaging the Kale. Great as a side dish, or as the main event at lunchtime. A packed lunch favourite for our family. Continue reading “Recipe – Calming Kale & Blissful Beetroot Salad”

1 Year Living with Anxiety & a Baby

“Slow down, slow down”, said the midwife in a calm but firm manner. “How?!”, I frantically screamed back in my head. And then, there she was. Our tiny little daughter came flying into the world, with one almighty splash, into the birthing pool.

Mr E and I are now very proud parents to a beautiful, sassy, loving, little one year old. It’s been the best and most challenging year of my life. Here are my reflections, one year into parenthood, on what it is like to live with mental health struggles and a baby. Not all of this has been easy to write but if it means just one other parent knows they are not alone in finding things difficult then it was worth it.

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Recipe – Happy Rainbow Veg Pasta Sauce

This Rainbow Veg Pasta Sauce is super easy and will leave you glowing with satisfaction. It’s great with whole grain pasta for a slow release of energy. A family pleaser that babies will love just as much as you.

This Rainbow Veg Pasta Sauce will leave you glowing with smugness that: 1) you’ve created something uber scrummy from scratch that was easy peasy and 2) have delivered your Mama mind a good old dose of virtuous colourful veg towards your five a day while you were at it. Links have been found between a diet high in veg and lower levels of depression and anxiety symptoms. So what are you waiting for! Continue reading “Recipe – Happy Rainbow Veg Pasta Sauce”

Thank You to My Little Girl’s Dada

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dadas out there! Just a short post today to say a big thank you to Mr E for all that he does for Miss EEE and me. It’s no small ask to take care of our wonderful daughter and her mentally illuminated Mama. So by way of saying thank you, I thought I would pay tribute to all that you do for us both in this small photo story… Continue reading “Thank You to My Little Girl’s Dada”

Recipe – Fatigue Fighting Beef Lasagne

My Beef Lasagne is the perfect pick me up for sleep deprived new parents. Packed with iron, vitamin c and carbohydrates this fatigue fighter is great as a make ahead maternity leave freezer stocker or for baby lead weaning in smaller portions.

My Fatigue Fighting Beef Lasagne is the perfect pick me up for sleep deprived new parents. Packed with iron, vitamin c and carbohydrates it’s an ideal make ahead freezer stocker, ready for the first couple of weeks after baby’s arrival, or as a baby led weaning meal to be shared as a family.

It is my go to calling card whenever I want a homemade treat that wraps a big warm hug around me! Continue reading “Recipe – Fatigue Fighting Beef Lasagne”

Recipe – Tuna Jacket Potato Makeover

A hit for Mama and Baba alike, my makeover of the humble Tuna Jacket makes for a simple lunch. I love how quick and easy it is to create a nutritious lunch that you can share with your baby.

A hit for Mama and Baby alike, my makeover of the humble Tuna Jacket makes for a simple lunch. I love how quick and easy it is to create a nutritious lunch that you can share with your baby. Continue reading “Recipe – Tuna Jacket Potato Makeover”