You are enough, even if you’re still in your jamas at midday.

Dear Mama

Being a Mother is hard. HARD. In 2018 I became a mummy to a completely adorable, sometimes demanding, little lady affectionately known as Miss EEE. Anxiety and low mood has been gatecrashing my party for over 13 years now and this sometimes puts a different lens on life for me, motherhood included.

Mama’s Mind Menu exists to say bluntly and without judgement,

“Hey. Are you struggling with parenthood? Me too. That’s ok. We all struggle and you are not on your own. (P.s. you are enough so stop telling yourself you’re not)”.

This message comes with a big side order of food joy!

FOOD IS JOY. I hit the kitchen whether I want to celebrate, commiserate or create. Mama’s Mind Menu is an exercise in curating and cultivating positive food memories for the whole family.

A few funny mumecdotes, mixed with practical advice, sprinkled with recipes to nourish tired and/ or tiny minds. All served with the occasional food love story to encourage a slice of calm in our busy Mama minds! Mama’s Mind Menu exists to let other mentally illuminated parents know, you are not alone in the way you are feeling today if you are tired, exhausted, low or anxious. It is normal and I say again… you are enough!

Take care of yourself,





P.s. If you are having a mental health crisis and need help now you can find a list of people ready to listen here.

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