Recipe – Doubly Decadent Tiramisu

As a family, we are full of wanderlust and truly missing exploring the world. So last night, the world came to us! The past couple of weeks we have had a lockdown date night and this time it was my turn to cook. This Tiramisu recipe took me right back to the cooking course we did on our mini moon in Florence, nearly 4 years ago now. As we ate I remembered the sounds of the bustling food markets where we picked up the ingredients that morning.

I was reminded of the sunshine on my face as we breaked on the terrace of the villa (where the cooking course took place) and the imposing ancient moodiness of the cool dining hall we shared our food in with our fellow students after.

Sun drenched sun terrace in Florence

Food has the ability to transport us to another time and place. For me it is my favourite form of escapism – I find the preparation really grounding and all consuming. Then the eating and sharing of my food brings me such joy like nothing else.

Being 25 weeks pregnant I wanted something I could prepare ahead of time as by the end of the day I’m pretty whacked. This dessert went perfectly with my Italian theme for the 3 courses and was so simple to pull together.

Tiramisu on date night

I’m not sure it’s strictly traditional but here is my take on a luxurious Tiramisu. It’s one of my favourite desserts and is doubly decadent because I choose to use both Tia Maria and Amaretto in my recipe (although you can replace these with any liquor to your taste really).


Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: No cooking involved – although I recommend you leave it to set for at least 1 hour in the fridge

Serves: 4 adults


• Instant Coffee Granules x 3 tsps

• Amaretto x 3 tbsps

• Sponge Fingers x 16 (about 130g)

• Double Cream x 200ml

• Mascarpone x 120g

• Golden Caster Sugar x 2 tbsps

• Tia Maria x 1 tbsp

• Cocoa Powder x 3 tbsp

To Serve…

• Dark Chocolate Curls

• Chocolate Nibs


1. Combine the Coffee Granules with 2 tablespoons of boiling water, the Amaretto and 75ml of cold water. Pour into a bowl or dish and set aside.

2. Put the Double Cream, Mascarpone and Golden Caster Sugar in a large mixing bowl or jug and whisk until combined completely. This took probably less than a minute with an electric whisk!

3. Once your creamy mixture has reached the consistency of whipped cream, fold in the Tia Maria.

4. Now take your cooled coffee mixture; Break the Sponge Fingers into small pieces (say thirds) and lay those little suckers in there to soak up all the boozey coffee goodness. Personally I don’t like them too soggy so I leave them for just a matter of seconds.

5. Finally the fun bit! Get some pretty glasses or a deep dish and get layering – for date night I made sharing glasses (2 people per glass). Start by splitting a third of the spongey coffee mixture across your glasses and gently press down into an even layer. Next a third of the cream. Finally top with a dusting of cocoa powder – I like full coverage here and have it quite thick.

6. Repeat the layers twice more, so you finish with cream and cocoa on top.

7. Leave in the fridge to set for at least 1 hour.

8. When you are ready to serve, top with Cocoa Nibs and Dark Chocolate curls. Be generous to introduce a bit of bite to your dessert.

9. Enjoy!

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