Our Experiment at The Science Museum

Here is a little photo story of the fun day me and Miss EEE had at the Science Museum in London last week. The trip was an experiment in itself. I was very anxious before I left – nervous about the tube, the weather, how she would nap! But I pushed myself to feel the fear and do it anyway. I accepted the invite by another NCT mum and her gorgeous little lady. I learnt during CBT that in order to alter our belief system sometimes the only thing that will work is to test out our beliefs. Do ‘experiments’ of a sort.

My Hypotheses

My beliefs were that:

  • The buggy won’t fit on the tube 🚆
  • Rain = miserable ☔️
  • I will have an overtired baby 😩

The Results of My Experiment

My hypotheses were ALL proven wrong. It was the opposite of miserable. It was exciting! Miss EEE was too distracted to be overtired and flaked out easily for a nap on the walk back to the tube afterwards. I didn’t even care that it was raining because I was buzzing from seeing her delight at the museum. These photos are a lasting reminder that I MUST push myself outside of my comfort zone more often…

Take care,

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Author: Charlotte Earwicker

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