3 Top Tips To Remind Yourself You Are Bigger Than Your Anxiety

If you have a mental health condition like Anxiety, it can sometimes take over. Some days I feel like a big rain cloud is over my head and it’s hard to see the sunshine inside me. It’s important to remind yourself that you are more than your condition and therefore BIGGER than your Anxiety. The sun will shine through again!

Anxiety is not who I am. It is a condition that I manage (some days more successfully than others) but I do find it easy to forget this sometimes. When you are feeling like you need a reminder that you are bigger than your anxiety try the following tips.

1. Reminisce with ‘Favourite’ Photos

Periodically, throughout the month, take 5 mins to review your Camera Roll on your phone and hit the ‘❤️’ on those that make you smile.

When an anxiety attack hits and you can’t see the wood from the trees, review your ‘Favourites’ and try and recall all the positive feelings that went with those memories. Like these…

Tequila on Date Night. Reminds me I am a fun Wife!

The spot where Mr E proposed. Reminds me I am a girl who deserves romance.

Think about putting an, “I am a…” statement next to each photo. For example “I am a good Mother”, “I am a loving Daughter”, “I am a thoughtful Friend”, “I am a valued a Colleague”, “I am a caring Wife”, “I am a gentle Carer”, “I am a creative Crafter”, “I am a budding Athlete”, ” I am a talented Musician”, “I am a top Baker”.Everyone is bigger than their Anxiety.

2. Remember You’ve Beaten Anxiety Before

Sit down and put pen to paper about all the times gone by when you have felt anxiety and conquered it. Had a panic attack and calmed after? Note it down. Had a challenging day at work but bossed it? Get it down. Had an event that you were dreading but ended up enjoying yourself? You get the picture!

Some of the events on my list…

    Rock Solid Race… I signed up for a 10km mud run when I never even ran for a bus! I nearly vomited when I hit the first obstacle. I ended the day with a sprained ankle but a HUGE sense of achievement and over £500 raised for a dementia charity.
    Backpacking Africa… I thought I would be kidnapped or murdered when I got on the flight from Heathrow to Ethiopia. I returned home after 5 months with some of the best memories of my life.
    Giving birth to Miss EEE… I feared the pain of childbirth would cause me to hyperventilate. This was unfounded. In reality my body did its job and I had a very straightforward birth with a beautiful healthy baby in my arms almost immediately.
I never dreamt I could complete a 10km mud run
Leaving LHR for Africa thinking I would never make it back!

It can really help to remember you are strong and have defeated anxiety attacks in the past.

3. Reach Out

Reminding yourself that you’re valued by others can really help put your anxiety in perspective. Other people see YOU, not your anxiety.

Try and reach out to your friends and family to see how they’re feeling. Helping others with their problems sometimes really lifts me away from my own anxieties. It helps me to remember I’m a good friend and I’m bigger than my anxiety.

Better still drop a WhatsApp to a loved one you trust and just be honest. Tell them your full of anxiety and can’t remember who else you are. Simply ask, “Who am I?” and I guarantee within a short time they will be more than happy to refresh your memory on how loved and needed you are. That’s YOU not your anxiety that they are talking about!

I really help this post helps you if you’re struggling today. Drop me a message in the comments below, on Facebook, or email me on charlie@mamasmindmenu.com to let me know if these tips work for you.

Take care,

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Author: Charlotte Earwicker

A mentally illuminated mum writing a mental health blog.

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