5 Senses: 1 Food Joy – Sharing Pancakes on the Dance Floor

Take 5 Mama! Put your feet up, grab a cuppa and lose yourself in the second of the 5 Senses: 1 Food Joy series. This week we are hitting the dance floor and sharing a pancake in-between throwing some mad shapes!

These immersive posts use a grounding technique to tell you a food love story, engaging all the senses, describing 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste.

Shout out to Jemma Mickleburgh of JMA Photography who took all but one of the stunning photos I’ve used here. It’s been three years since I married the man of my dreams and these pictures and memories take me straight back there.


1. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights twinkle below the beamed ceiling, like a hundred tiny spirits that have come out to play, joining in the frivolity of the wedding party in the 450 year old barn at Godwick Hall in the heart of the Norfolk countryside.

JMA Photography

2. Party Lights

The brickwork of the grade II listed barn is illuminated, pink – blue – green, as the party lights flick through the rainbow, dancing to the music. It feels like fireworks are going off around me, but the sky outside isn’t yet dark. Summer solstice has not long since passed. Whilst twilight is only just arriving, the party is in full swing on the dance-floor.

3. Outside

Outside, as I gaze through the window, I can see a more relaxed atmosphere. My Uncle Jonny enjoying the flavours of the Shisha tent a little too much. Children excitedly dressing up in union jack hats with multicoloured flower garlands around their necks, like they’ve just stepped off the plane into a tropical paradise. Couples chill on hay bales, cuddling by the flickering fire pits. But beyond this, in the distance, waiting patiently for hungry wedding guests sits a beautiful pastel yellow vintage street food van emblazoned with the word “Creperie”. My mouth waters at the thought of treats from Christophe’s Crepes!

4. Loved Ones

I return my sights back on the dance floor, all around, loved ones celebrate together, starting a chain of new connections. Tiny nieces and nephews dance hand in hand with our godparents, alongside merry uni mates and our dearest friends. A perfect cocktail of love and friendship making me giddy with happiness and humbled to be so blessed with people who care about me.

JMA Photography

5. My New Husband

Then, there HE is in front of me, the only one that matters today. My eyes fall on my brand new husband, dressed to the nines in his sharp tailed blue suit, as his laughing eyes meet mine and he greets me with a warm smile, reserved only for his new wife.

JMA Photography


1. Laughter

The air is delightedly filled by raucous howls, gleeful giggles (from the smaller party goers) and deep belly laughs from others. The most undeniable sound of merriment and joy lifts the barn as I hear people celebrating and letting their cares slip away with the sun.

JMA Photography

2. The Music

“Sugar pie honey bunch, you know that I love you. I can’t help myself. I love you and nobody else”…the sweet sounds of Motown, Soul and Funk ring out through the barn from The Eddie Seales Band. The smooth, rich tone of the sax is unmistakeable and plays a starring role perfectly complimenting the other members of the band as a voice full of heart leaps from the lead singer.

JMA Photography
JMA Photography

3. Sing-a-long

Euphorically the dancers sing back to the band and to each other. As they sing a long the whole room is lifted. They give it their all, building over the top gestures into their dance moves, implying declarations of never ending love for one another! I realise, without thinking, I am doing exactly the same thing and it’s a joy to be part of this informal elated choir.

4. A Welcome Offer

Then, above the excited hubbub, a clear but slightly strained voice in my ear, reaching through the joyful cacophony with a comforting calmness and familiarity. “Want a bite” asks my new husband as he holds out a crepe and offers me first dibs. Now that’s true love!


1. A Loving Embrace

As I gladly and hungrily accept, receiving the pancake from my man, his hand gently loops around my waist and I feel secure and comforted. He knows that I can feel overwhelmed sometimes at intense events and it’s great to know he’s there. He makes me feel safe and I know with that one gesture he is ready to catch me whenever and however I might need.

2. Silky Warm Pancake

The crepe is silky smooth with a slight crunchy bite around the edges. Bliss! As I bite in further, the cheese inside oozes into my mouth and it’s heat almost burns my mouth, but the cool ham that follows protects my tongue from the molten cheese.

3. Bare Feet

I squidge my toes together in delight as I enjoy the crepe. I’ve kicked off my high heeled wedding shoes hours ago and can feel the hard dance-floor connecting with my bare feet. The music pounds up through the ground, radiating from my feet upwards and filling my whole being with elation.


1. Shisha

The sweet smell of the shisha tent, setup outside, is still lingering on my wedding dress and around me. It ignites memories of holidays to the middle east and our travels to Istanbul, when we were just starting out on our adventures as a young couple.

2. Buttery Pancake

I drink in the deliciously buttery scent of the pancake. I can imagine it being cooked on the griddle, swirled around with the wooden scraper until it’s just the right thickness. A warm, sweet buttery smell fills the air as the edges crisp up and lift off the hot plate. The pancake’s way of squealing, “I’m ready, flip me over now”.

JMA Photography


1. Melted Cheese & Salty Ham

The pancake is so velvety it melts in the mouth, falling apart as I bite almost like a ball of mozzarella being teased apart. It tastes rich and decedent, reminding me of all those years gone by, pestering my parents for a nightly crepe on our annual childhood family holiday to the coast in Mallorca. The smooth crepe enrobes a secret centre of gooey melted mature gruyere cheese and slightly salty ham. The perfect combination.

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